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Go to NRT-2500 Polarization Control Platform

NRT-2500 Polarization Control Platform

The NRT-2500 provides a control platform for polarization which allows for polarization to be set, scrambled, randomized, tracked, and made to simulate a 1/2 wave-plate

Go to NRT-8000 Compact OSA

NRT-8000 Compact OSA

The NRT-8000 is the world’s smallest fully functional optical spectrum analyzer. It includes built-in server-client internet control for ease of use.

Go to NRT-3000 Ultrafast Polarimeter

NRT-3000 Ultrafast Polarimeter

The NRT-3000 is a robust solution for measuring and recording ultrafast polarimeter SOP data. It includes an intuitive GUI to facilitate ease of use.

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About Us

A leader in fiber optic test and subsystems

New Ridge Technologies (NRT) develops and manufactures test and measurement equipment and advanced fiber optic subsystems, primarily for telecommunication and RF-over-fiber applications. NRT's offering includes products for polarization control, polarization and phase tracking, polarimetry and optical spectral analysis, for lab use, field measurements and OEM solutions.

We strive to work closely with our customers to provide them the best products and custom development services anywhere. Over the years, our close customer relationships have been responsible for most feature upgrades, and the inspiration for nearly all new products. We have built our strong reputation customer by customer, interaction by interaction, design by design.

In addition to our standard off-the-shelf bench-top products, NRT welcomes inquiries for custom product and OEM development requests.

Our Team

Dr. Henry Yaffe

Dr. Henry Yaffe founded NRT in 2003. He has over 25 years of experience in technology and business. Before NRT, he founded YAFO Networks, after working at CIENA and Bell Laboratories. Dr. Yaffe has a Ph.D. & M.Sc. in Applied Physics from the Weizmann Institute of Science, and a B.A. from Swarthmore College.

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