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July 7, 2016

November 2, 2020; Roanoke, VA, USA:

Luna Innovations Acquires New Ridge Technologies

Luna Innovations Inc. (NASDAQ: LUNA) today announced that it has acquired New Ridge Technologies LLC, a Maryland- based developer and manufacturer of fiber optic test and measurement equipment and advanced fiber optic subsystems primarily for telecommunication and polarization-control applications. 

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Oct 2, 2017; Owings Mills, Maryland, USA:

An Q&A interview with Henry Yaffe, founder and president of New Ridge Technologies, a leading manufacturer of Photonic Solutions for R&D and Industry, was just published in CEOCFO Magazine, in their October 2, 2107 issue.

The Q&A covered the company’s evolution, emphasizing New Ridge’s industry leading developments specfically in polarization test and measurement, a new business unit targeting custom OEM solutions and the NRT-8000 compact optical spectrum analyzer. “In fact, with the NRT-8000 we have created an entirely new market segment for fiber optic spectrum analyzers, and the industry is starting to respond.” Yaffe stated in the article.

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Oct. 1, 2013; Owings Mills, Maryland, USA:

New Ridge Technologies has just announced NRT-8000, a high-resolution compact Optical Spectrum Analyzer (OSA). In fact, it is the world’s smallest OSA as of Oct. 1, 2013.

NRT-8000     Agilent_Tunable_Laser


The NRT-8000 has a built-in wavelength reference source for real-time calibration for each single sweep, therefore it holds excellent frequency accuracy (±3.0GHz or ±0.0024nm) across the entire C-band wavelength range. The rugged and compact design of this NRT-8000 provide users with great capabilities for various tough applications in the field. The NRT-8000 GUI software offers intuitive and easy operations for the customers, and the integrated “Server-Client” software provides advanced users with easy remote control capabilities over internet.

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May 1, 2013; Owings Mills, Maryland, USA:

New Ridge Technologies, a leading manufacturer of Photonic Solutions for R&D and Industry, has just published a new Application Note entitled “Implementation of Ultrafast 1/2-Waveplate for Stressing Dual-Polarization Coherent Receivers“.

The newly enhanced Spinner Mode of the NRT-2500 Polarization Control Platform has been specially designed to provide quantitative SOP speed response testing. It is especially well suited to verify and specify the polarization performance of new dual-polarization coherent receivers for fiber optic communications.

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March 10, 2013; Owings Mills, Maryland, USA:

New Ridge Technologies, a leading manufacturer of Photonic Solutions for R&D and Industry, is pleased to announce enhancements to our NRT-2500 polarization control platform, offering up to 75kHz SOP rotations (i.e. over 471,000 rad/s) in “Spinner” mode. Three different ‘drift’ variations of the Spinner are available for different SOP test applications. These modes cover the entire Poincare sphere with continuous tilt of the rotation axis and elevation of the rotation along the rotation axis. It is world’s best endless rotating half-waveplate with constant, precise and user-configurable rotation rate.

With rapid growth and deployment of 40Gb/s and 100Gb/s coherent transmission systems, the entire landscape of optical telecommunication industry and supply chain are undergoing a big shift towards advanced technologies, especially in ultrafast, dual-polarization, coherent based modulation formats. Thus, the requirement to test and verify fast and ultrafast SOP changes in the laboratories and in manufacturing environment has grown dramatically.

The new 75kHz SOP-rotations Spinner, provided by NRT-2500 has raised the standard for even the toughest coherent system test environment. Along with multiple significant improvements both in hardware and in software, the newly enhanced NRT-2500 is offering unsurpassed performance in polarization Scrambling, Spinning, Tracking and other polarization operations.

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