PMD Artifacts are compact and modular alternatives to the tunable PMD sources such as the NRT-96083X and NRT-12033X. As calibrated lab standards, the NRT-PMDAs are outstanding for fast and reliable comparisons between various and separate test stations and facilities. Artifacts are custom made and calibrated according to customers' DGD and Depolarization request. Each NRT-PMDA manufactured by New Ridge Technologies is fully tested across the C-Band for both DGD and Second-order PMD (SOPMD).

June 27, 2016


Useful laboratory PMD standards

Highly reliable: all PM-fiber components, no moving parts

Passive optical devices: no electrical power required

Fixed PMD states with first order and second order PMD

Flat spectral response in the entire C-band

Useful for quick testing of key PMD states

Easy to be transported to various labs and in the field


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Form Factor Options

Depending on customer’s technical spec requirements, NRT-PMDAs will come in one of the two form factors:

1) A “plug and play” cassette that are easily installed into standard fiber optic distribution shelves.

2) A small instrument-type bench top for easy lab testing.

Standard FC and SC connector types are available.


For more information, please contact New Ridge Technologies: or +1-410-753-3055