NRT-3000 Ultrafast Polarimeter

The NRT-3000 is a robust solution for measuring and recording ultrafast polarimeter SOP data. It includes an intuitive GUI to facilitate ease of use

June 27, 2016


Fastest Fiber Optic Polarimeter available

Real-time streaming

On-board SOP data recording

Trigger function to capture SOP events

Rugged and small handheld unit – perfect for both lab and field testing

Panel and rack-mountable for easy integration into test systems



Intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) Software

The NRT-3000 control software has three modes of operation: (1) Poincaré Sphere Mode, (2) Strip Chart Mode and the new (3) Histogram Mode. The first two modes have many functionalities already familiar, including real time streaming of SOP, Power, DOP, tilt and ellipticity. The NRT-3000 adds real-time calculation of the SOP speed, dSOP/dt, in the Strip Chart mode.



The third mode of the NRT-3000 GUI displays two histograms: one for the SOP speed, dSOP/dt, and the second histogram for the Stokes parameters, S1, S2, S3.




1. Observe SOP changes

2. Tandem use with the NRT-2500 Polarization Control Platform

2. Montior and capture SOP changes in the network


Wavelength coverage 1520 nm to 1580 nm
Parameters measured Stokes Parameters S1, S2, S3 and Degree of Polarization (DOP), Power and SOP speed (dSOP/dt)
Sampling Rate 38 Samples/sec to 80 MegaSamples/sec
Recording/Logging Trigger on user-defined ∆SOP within ∆t. Records pre-trigger and post-trigger samples. 16,000 total SOP states.
Communication Interface USB 2.0
Controller Platform Windows PC
Dimensions H = 1.77″ (45mm), W=5.75″ (146mm),D=8.07″ (205mm)
Optical Connector FC/APC or FC/UPC (other options available, please contact NRT for more detailed information)
Operating conditions Temperature: -5 to +70 oC
Relative Huididty: 5 to 85% (non-condensing)
Storage conditions Temperature: -45 to +85oC
Relative Huididty: 5 to 95% (non-condensing)


User Manual

Download Full NRT-3000 User Manual (pdf)


For more information, please contact: [email protected] or call: +1-410-753-3055