NRT-8000 Optical Spectrum Analyzer Discontinued Product

The NRT-8000 is the world's smallest fully functional optical spectrum analyzer. It includes built-in server-client internet control for ease of use.

June 23, 2016


World’s smallest optical spectrum analyzer

Compact yet fully functional OSA

Fast scanning for real-time spectral monitoring

Built-in reference for excellent wavelength accuracy across the c-band

Integrated application-specific firmware for various lab tests

Integrated server-client software for remote control across the internet

Rugged yet lightweight handheld size for outside plant (OSP) and military applications

Panel and rack-mountable for easy test system integration



Wavelength (frequency) coverage1527 nm to 1568 nm (196.3 THz to 191.2 THz)
Absolute wavelength (frequency) accuracy±8 pm (± 1.0GHz)
Optical ResolutionsStandard OSA lineshape 2.3, 5.0, 8.4, 18, 46, 91, 185 GHz
Constant NEB: ≥ 2.42 GHz (frequency domain) and ≥ 19.4 pm (wavelength domain)
Absolute Power Accuracy± 0.5 dB or better
Polarization dependent loss (PDL)< 0.4 dB
Optical power handling-2.5 dBm (Operating Limit)
20 dBm (Damage Threshold)
Optical noise floorBelow -70 dBm (no input light)
Optical Return Loss> 30 dB
Scan speed~ 0.6 s, ITU channel power and wavelength
~ 2.3 s, full C-band scan with spectral analysis
Operating conditionsTemperature: -5 to +70 oC
Relative Humidity: 5 to 85% (non-condensing)
Storage conditionsTemperature: -45 to +85oC
Relative Humidity: 5 to 95% (non-condensing)
Power supply12V/5A DC input from 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, AC-DC converter (Power converter: <6W)
Communication interfaceWired: USB, Wireless: Bluetooth
Remote Client: LAN, cloud portal
Operating SystemsWindows (OpenGL 2.0), Android
DimensionsH = 1.73″ (44mm), W=5.78″ (147mm), D=7.88″ (200 mm)


1. Universal optical spectrum analyzer applications where optical spectra need to be tested and analyzed (industry, university labs, government institutions, etc.)
2. DWDM optical performance channel monitoring (OPCM): built-in algorithm and simple one-key operation for ITU channel power, channel frequency and OSNR
3. The NRT-8000 can be used for real-time optical signal monitoring for alignment and assembly applications
4. Optical transceiver tests to efficiently measure frequency, power and spectral width
5. Passive components tests (DWDM filter, FPG, etc) when using the NRT-8000 optical spectrum analyzer plus a C-band ASE source, tunable laser or other light source
6. Active components tests (DFB laser diode, FP laser diode, VCSEL, LED, etc)
7. Fiber-sensing monitoring
8. Remote control of the optical spectrum analyzer over internet

Intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) Software

The NRT-8000 optical spectrum analyzer control software boasts a simplified, yet modern and state-of-the-art software architecture. A Windows computer or Android Tablet can ‘host’ and operation the NRT-8000. In addition these host device can ‘serve’ the 8000’s optical spectrum functionality across the internet to other computers or tablets running our ‘client’ GUI.

Do you want to see our GUI interfaces or get a live demo of the NRT-8000 without leaving your desk?  Download our client software to your Windows PC or Andoid smartphone or tablet and test-drive a live NRT-8000 remotely, from anywhere in the world to our home lab. You can measure a spectrum, place cursors and markets, zoom in, check the OPC functionality, etc….

Without complex menu, the operator can start working on this instrument without learning curve. Control software is compatible with Windows PCs and Andriod Smart devices that will meet vast majority of customers’ requirements in the lab and in the field.

Downloads and Demos

We offer demo Windows and Android GUI applications for registered users. This connects to your NRT-8000 locally and remotely. Or it offers a demonstration of connecting to a NRT-8000, in our labs, from anywhere in the world. Free.  Please register or login to view them and then click the link below.

NRT-8000 OSA Downloads

Demo Windows and Andoid GUI software downloads connects to a NRT-8000, in our labs, from anywhere in the world. Get it for FREE!

NRT-8000 Compact OSA Demo App For Windows

NRT-8000 Compact OSA Demo App For Android

User Manual

Download the latest complete user manual here:

Download Full NRT-8000 User Manual (pdf)

Download NRT-8000 SCPI Manual (pdf)

To get started quickly…

NRT-8000 Quick Start Manual (html)

NRT-8000 微型光谱分析仪操作指南


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Testimonials and Awards

“We’ve already done hands on lab testing of the NRT-8000 OSA. What we liked: portability, remote communication from remote location via internet, Simple plug and play via USB using your laptop (and compatible Tablet), and ready to test. The NRT-8000 has many features common to OSA’s costing two to three times as much.“



New Ridge’s NRT-8000 received an excellent, 4 out of 5, score in the 2015 Lightwave Innovation Awards. This video gives a synopsis of some of the features that the judges found exciting in our product. For example…

The reduction (in size and cost) is sufficient to bring the technology to an entirely new audience, which is key. Once a technology reaches “throw away” price points, new uses and applications are discovered and market penetration increases.” Judge’s Comment.


For more information, please contact: [email protected] or call: +1-410-753-3055

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