NRT-LVD: LabView™ Drivers

NRT offers drivers (and DLLs) to control all the functions of the NRT-PMDSs via LabView™ or any major lab automation software tool.

June 27, 2016



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There are two drivers in the software set:

1.  NRT PMDS; calibrates the PMDS to the user-input transponder wavelength;

2.  NRT PMDS Set; changes the PMDS state to the user-input DGD and SOPMD values.

These states can be read from a data file having a column for DGD and a second column for SOPMD.

Three steps to integration

1.  Integrate the PMDS with your existing automated BER test set up.

2.  Create an array of PMD states (DGD, 2nd-order PMD) to be measured.

3.  The PMDS will go to each state in user-defined order, allowing the automatic measurement of system penalty.

Alternatively, DLLs can be provided for testbed automation without LabView™.

Key Benefits

  • Integrates the NRT-PMDS with other LabView™ measurement drivers in an automated test lab
  • Automatic testing of multiple, user determined, PMDS states
  • No hand of holding long monotonous experiments. Saves time!