NRT’s Joint Probability Density Function Calculator (NRT-JPDFC)

NRT’s Joint Probability Density Function Calculator (NRT-JPDFC) generates a topographical contour map of the PMD probability in 2-D PMD space, namely SOPMD vs. DGD. Each generated contour on the graph shows the probability of the PMD state to be found within the contour. Hence the 50% contour (black innermost contour) shows the PMD states where the fiber will be half of the time. The red outermost contour designates the PMD region 99.997% of the time. Using the cursor, the time spent at any PMD state can be determined.

June 27, 2016


Datasheet Download

                        The JPDF is calculated by simply entering the mean fiber PMD, <τ>



Key Features & Benefits

  1. Determine important PMD regions for measurements
  2. Time per year given for any point on the JPDF
  3. Great graphical tool to display measurement results
  4. Gives insight into what PMD regions contribute to the Total Outage Probability. Calculates JPDF for any mean PMD value.
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