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The NRT PMD Randomizer

NRT-PMDR, is a new software application that turns your New Ridge Technologies' PMD source into a PMD emulator unlike any other. The NRT-PMDR is the first deterministic emulator. It is different from other emulators as the NRT-PMDR calculates a random walk of 1st and 2nd-order PMD states according to the Joint Probability Density Function statistics before updating the generated PMD outputs. With the NRT-PMDR, direct paths connect consecutive PMD states in the (DGD, SOPMD) plane.

June 27, 2016


Other emulators arbitrarily vary couplers and birefringent sections to generate randomly changing PMD states. These emulators may reproduce PMD statistics but are indeterminate, incapable of calculating their PMD state. By contrast, only the NRT-PMDR, provides time series output of the emulated 1st and 2nd-order PMD states. The time series, including a time stamp, can be saved to a file for further analysis or correlation with bit-error rate degradations of the component/system undergoing PMD testing and characterization.

‘JPDF-walker’ emulates PMD dynamics and PMD statistics for both DGD and SOPMD

Emulation of a wide range of mean PMD values

Software enhancement/upgrade: compatible with all New Ridge Technologies’ PMD Sources

The only PMD emulator that calculates and ‘knows’ its PMD state at all times



Key Features

  1. Uses NRT’s unique and patented Coherent PMD generation technology
  2. Simple Graphic User Interface
  3. Dynamically varies PMD state
  4. Displays all generated states and trajectory of recent states
  5. Displays times series of DGD vs time Displays times series of SOPMD vs time Generates PMD time series file
  6. Four dynamic PMD transition speeds
  7. Self-calibration to transponder wavelength
The NRT-PMDR software is compatable with all of New Ridge’s PMD Sources: the NRT-10033A, NRT-40133A, NRT-40095A or NRT-96083X. Moreover, each NRT-PMDR can be set to emulate a wide range mean PMD fibers, making it multiple emulators in one!   Just enter the mean PMD to
emulate, and run.


In the figures below the NRT-PMDR’s random walk distributions for 1st and 2nd-order PMD are compared to the theoretical distributions for several different mean fiber PMD values (on the NRT-40095A). The results for mean fiber PMD values of 1ps, 4ps, 6ps, 9ps and 12ps are shown in the figure, together with the theoretical model. These graphs prove the validity of the NRT random walk model and code accuracy.


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