NRT-12033X (discontinued)

Using patented Coherent-PMD technology, the NRT-12033X programmable PMD Source generates deterministic, stable and repeatable 1st, 2nd and higher-order PMD. The NRT-12033X employs a totally new optical architecture to increase the DGD range while maintaining a wide PMD spectrum. 10Gb/s transponders and 40 Gb/s DP-QPSK DSP equalizers, transponders and systems can be comprehensively characterized in a matter of hours with rapid, repeatable, quantitative and reliable PMD tolerance testing.

The NRT-12033X PMD Source takes the guesswork out of specification and certification of mission-critical network systems.

June 27, 2016


Like Fiber, Only Programmable and Repeatable

Stable, Deterministic & Repeatable PMD Generation

For testing 10G and 40G DP-QPSK systems

Compatible with Pol-Muxed and Coherent Receivers

Set PMD States for DGD, Depolarization and PDCD

Continuously Accessible 1st and 2nd-order PMD states

Optional PMD Randomization Mode Operation

Optional PMD Outage Calculator

New smaller size and lighter weight design



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Total PMD Characterization

You know the route that your system is to be deployed on, and you know its PMD profile. But do you know if your system will work on the route? Can you quantifyably prove it to your customer? The NRT-12033X allows you to quantify your system performance with realistic PMD stress before the system is deployed. And unlike other statistical PMD emulation methods which are not repeatable and non-deterministic, or emulators that can only generate unrealistic wavelength-flat states of DGD and depolarization, only NRT‘s PMD source generate realistic and deterministic PMD for complete, efficient, reliable, repeatable and quantifiable PMD characterization.


1.  Comparison between various signal modulation formats at different line speeds.

2.  System Qualification and Certification.

3.  Digital signal processor based equalizers and digital-CDR development.

4.  Reliable PMD Source to Calibrate PMD-Measurement Equipment.

5.  Network Deployment tool based on outage probability.

NRT-12033X-1 NRT-12033X-2

The NRT-12033X PMD Source is programmable. The GUI allows you to set DGD and the Depolarization and Polarization Dependent Chromatic Dispersion components of SOPMD. With our improved interface you can select the ‘coordinates’ for any PMD state. The PMD spectrum is displayed in frequency and in Stoke space. Capture the spectrum you want, and load it into the instrument for testing.

Cover More States for More Transponder Types


The NRT-12033X covers 99.99% of the states occurring in a 36 ps mean PMD fiber span. To the left, the joint probability density function of a 36 ps fiber is shown by the rainbow colored contours. The NRT-12033X can access all states below the dark blue curve, beyond the outmost contour. This wide DGD/SOPMD range, combined with the broad 33 GHz free spectral range enables the NRT-12033X to test, compare, design and deploy 10G/s and new generation 40G DP-QPSK transponders.




1.  NRT-PMDR,  PMD  Randomizer,  turns  any  NRT  PMD  Source  into  a  dynamic  fiber emulator. Due to our patented coherent PMD generation technology the NRT-PMDR is also the only deterministic fiber emulator, enabling you to always know the state of the source to correlate with system bit errors. Furthermore, you can set the NRT-PMDR to emulate any mean fiber PMD level.

2.  NRT-OPC, Outage Probability Calculator is an upgrade to our NRT-TOPC. This (post measurement)  data  analysis  tool  calculates  the  total  outage  probability  for  the measured transponder/system for any level of fiber PMD. Moreover, the NRT-OPC calculates the statistics for outage durations and time between outages.

3.  NRT-LVD, LabView Drivers (and dlls) to automate the NRT Source into your PMD tolerance testbed

4.  NRT-JPDFC, Joint Probability Density Function Calculator generates a topographical contour map of the PMD probability in 2-D PMD space, namely DGD vs. SOPMD (as shown in the figure above).

5.  NRT-2500 is a polarization control platform designed scrambling, randomizing, setting and especially for implementing very fast and very reliable polarization tracking applications. This product can be used to set or scramble the SOP input to the NRT PMD Source to dynamically change the PMD stress or after to verify your polarization demux.



1 Specifications are subject to change at the discretion of New Ridge Technologies, LLC

2 Determined by average across C-band

3 Other connector types are available.


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