A Back-to-School OSA

In gratitude to the academics who push new frontiers of science and technology and train the next generation of scientists and engineers, we are announcing our 2016 ‘Back To School’ sale of the NRT-8000 compact OSA. For this limited time the NRT-8000 is priced below the normal academic discount.

So academics, get a new Optical Spectrum Analyzer for only $6995.8000+Tablet 4%22 300 res


This is the opportunity for every university professor, researcher, post-doc or grad student who needs an OSA in their lab. Buy a new NRT-8000 for less than half the price of a 15 year-old used Ando OSA.

(If you cannot reach YouTube, try our video library .)

Features and Specs

  • C-band coverage: 1527 nm – 1568 nm
  • Five resolutions: 4, 20, 40, 100, 200 GHz
  • Built-in reference for excellent wavelength accuracy across the c-band (± 3 GHz/24 pm)
  • OSNR measurements to  > 30 dB
  • Optical noise floor < -70 dBm
  • Small, light and portable: only 1.73″ x 5.78″ x 7.88″, < 1 kg
  • Runs on Windows PCs & Android smart devices via USB or BT
  • IoT remote access via Wi-Fi and WAN clients
  • Data logging
  • Common OSA SCPI commands for control automation

The NRT-8000 may be small, but it is a very capable laboratory tool, able to perform almost all of the common OSA functions. See exactly how well our NRT-8000 stacks up against the Yokogawa OSA at The Little OSA that Can.

And the NRT-8000 is perfect for the monitoring, alignment and simple wavelength checking jobs that can keep an OSA tied up for hours.


For more information please contact us at +1-410-753-3055 or back2school@newridgetech.com. And test the NRT-8000 from your desk with our remote client software connected to a 8000 in our labs. Download one, or both free apps:

Free Android Trial Demo

Free Windows Trial Demo

This special sale price is available solely to academics or academic institutions. Payment must be received by NRT before Dec. 31, 2016. This sales price does not include shipping, taxes, customs, duties or payment processing fees (e.g Paypal, credit cards, etc.). Deliveries will be made on a first-come, first-serve based on the date of purchase and available inventory.

(If you are not a academic, contact us as well. The performance it top rate and the ROI is still amazing.)


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