A Back-to-School OSA

In gratitude to the academics who push new frontiers of science and technology and train the next generation of scientists and engineers, we are announcing our 2016 ‘Back To School’ sale of the NRT-8000 compact OSA. For this limited time the NRT-8000 is priced below the normal academic discount. So academics, get a new Optical Spectrum Analyzer Read more about A Back-to-School OSA[…]

The Little OSA that Can

Last year New Ridge launched the NRT-8000 compact OSA. It was rated Excellent in the 2015 Lightwave Innovation Awards. Yet we had a lot of work left to do. We just returned from OFC 2016 where the NRT-8000 was the star of our booth. Being small and low cost are great selling points, but the Read more about The Little OSA that Can[…]

Are Ultrafast SOP Events Affecting Your Coherent Receivers?

I get a fair number of confidential phone calls and e-mails reporting coherent receivers unlocking due to very fast SOP transient events. These transients can be hundreds of thousands of radians per second, even over 1 million radians per second, within 10s of microseconds, followed by a slower relaxation in a few milliseconds. Such ∆SOPs Read more about Are Ultrafast SOP Events Affecting Your Coherent Receivers?[…]

Optical Spectrum Analyzer User-Interface

Below is a new video we put together  to introduce the user-friendly interface of our NRT-8000, Optical Spectrum Analyzer. This short video provides a brief step-by-step guide to operating and taking measurements with one of New Ridge Technologies’ newest products. Any Windows computer or handheld tablet can install and run this app. We have recreated Read more about Optical Spectrum Analyzer User-Interface[…]

Who Are We?

Hello and welcome to the New Ridge Technologies blog, New Ridge Technologies (NRT) develops and manufactures advanced fiber optic subsystems and test and measurement equipment primarily for telecommunication applications. We strive to work closely with our customers to provide them the best products and customized product development services anywhere. These close customer relationships have been responsible Read more about Who Are We?[…]