Optical Spectrum Analyzer User-Interface

Below is a new video we put together  to introduce the user-friendly interface of our NRT-8000, Optical Spectrum Analyzer. This short video provides a brief step-by-step guide to operating and taking measurements with one of New Ridge Technologies’ newest products.
Any Windows computer or handheld tablet can install and run this app. We have recreated the look and feel of the traditional OSA front panel on the PC screen or tablet touch panel. To test out this revolutionary interface, download the free demo to connect to the operative NRT-8000 device in our lab in Maryland, USA.
The NRT-8000 OSA is smaller and weighs less than a reem of printer paper. No need to lug a large, heavy, fragile OSA around the lab. With the NRT-8000 you can be up and running in a matter of minutes. Just carry the  8000 to your setup, plug in the fiber, the 12V power supply and the USB cable and you can be taking accurate and high resolution optical spectrum measurements in a matter of seconds.
In future videos, we will show some applications made possible by the features of the NRT-8000 OSA.